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The Original Freddy
Why Freddy Rocks

Floor Protection

Since Freddy is sturdy but lightweight, kids will find it easy to move him about. But Freddy is careful with wooden floors or any surface; his feet (on chairs) and tail (on rockers) are finished with smooth plastic to protect against the possibility of scratches on the floor or on Freddy's edges.

Removable Sling Seat Loop

Freddy's patented sling seat is designed as a loop of quilted fabric that slips easily over Freddy's head. This quick removal and replacement makes washing convenient no matter how often Freddy shares chocolate. The removable loop also makes changes simple when a new seat is desired or if you want more than one sling loop to keep Freddy going even when his seat is in the laundry.

Have You Ever Wished Upon a Blue Moon?

Original Freddy chairs and rockers served as the inspiration for the forthcoming children's book series, The Chronicles of the Blue Moon by Stanton Blakeslee. This developing collection includes books and interactive software. Once Upon a Blue Moon introduces children to the friendly blue spotted critter, Freddy. Told in rhyme, this whimsical tale appeals to all ages, but is especially appropriate for younger children since studies show that rhyming is a tool helpful to early readers.

Once Upon A Blue Moon is a richly illustrated tale by author Stanton Blakeslee. Stanton is an award-winning designer and illustrator whose work has been seen in such magazines as How and Print. He's also a father of three wonderful kids. He first introduced the stories of Freddy to his children and based on their eager response, decided to share The Chronicles of the Blue Moon with kids everywhere.

It is also no coincidence that Freddy debuts as a comfortable seat. In an online report from Scholastic Books a comfortable chair is at the top of listed recommendations to parents for encouraging reading in their children. And we all know that reading is a life-long skill essential to success in academics and life.

Based on a Loveable Character

Call him what you will - a dinosaur, a dragon or a strange alien creature - kid's just plain love Freddy. But parents love him as well. Why? Because Freddy is more than just a chair, he's also a plaything. Kid's play with him as they would any other toy, which is great for parents who want to give their children gifts that are both fun and functional.

Simple and Easy Assembly

Freddy is so simple to put together, you can assemble him in just a few minutes. Only one tool is required to put together the few pieces that make up the elegant simplicity of Freddy's design. An Allen wrench is provided with each Original Freddy to secure and tighten the four structural joints on a Freddy chair or rocker. But Freddy must be assembled by an adult before he can be used.

Cotton Blend Fabric Loop

Freddy's patented sling seat is designed as a loop of quilted fabric to provide more hours of comfortable sitting than a child is likely to spend at any one time! The cotton blend fabric is durable and will withstand washing again and again. The attractive fabric features a richly embroidery emblem and is themed after children's books, The Chronicles of the Blue Moon, a series based on the elusive critter, Freddy.

Super Comfortable

Freddy is designed with a patented sling seat that forms a supportive cradle for any size child or adult or both! - up to 350 pounds. The removable sling seat is made of quilted fabric to be extra soft. Best of all, the innovative sling seat is a fabric loop that easily removes so you can toss it in the laundry or even put a different loop on your Freddy.

Thick, foam-padded supports

Freddy's sling seat is suspended between 2 sturdy cross bars. Each bar sits in a cylinder of dense foam measuring over 3 inches so that engineered strength and soft padding combine for exceptional comfort.

Custom Accessories Available

Even though Original Freddy chairs and rockers are wonderful right out of the box, we know everyone is an individual. So Freddy & Friends offers accessory sling loops if you want to have extras or just prefer a different color. There is even a pattern for making your own Freddy loop so that you can coordinate Freddy with the décor of your home or a child's room. To customize your Freddy even further, we offer additional stickers and lettering Kits from KiDecals® and we have a whole host of customizable accessories planned so you can make your Freddy unique. So check with your local retailer or check back often!

ASTM Child Safety Approved

The American Society for Testing and Materials has thoroughly tested the Freddy design and materials against their high standards for safe use by children.

Note: It is possible for the first-generation rockers (rockers that do not have a curled tail) to tip over if rocked beyond the limits of the tail or if one stands or sits on the front cross bar. So please do not let children kneel in Freddy, stand on the front crossbar in Freddy or rock Freddy over as injury may occur. If you have a small child and are concerned about your Freddy rocker tipping over, we have optional rubber bumpers that can be slipped on to prevent over-rocking. They are available in the accessories area of our online store.

Solid Wood Construction

Each of Freddy's side panels are made from a durable plywood material and are made to the highest American standards for durability and strength; Freddy is engineered to be sturdy enough to support over 300 pounds of weight (in a normal seated position) which is why parents often sit in Freddy's lap with their child. Freddy's side panels are coated with a durable and kid-safe ASTM approved finish for years of playful use. And sticky hands won't trouble Freddy - just wash the side panels with soap and warm water. As with any furniture avoid scrubbing with abrasive materials.

Individually Crafted and Numbered

Since every Freddy chair and rocker is individually crafted, these distinctive items deserve acknowledgement. That's why each limited edition Original Freddy is individually numbered. The registration number appears on a specially designed brass plate that is found on the inside of every Original Freddy. And to certify your chair's authenticity, you can adopt your Freddy online. As an option you can choose to receive a beautiful Certified Adoption Certificate signed by the author. This means Freddy is truly an original and has even further value as a collectible. Undoubtedly these chairs and rockers will become cherished family heirlooms.